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"I know the plans I have for you..." God

Greetings in the Name above every name, the precious and powerful name of Jesus!
We live in uncertain times: political upheaval, terrorism, unstable financial markets, moral fluidity, and the coronavirus.
As sons and daughters of the King, we must continue to focus on He who is unchanging. (Heb 13:8) We know from scripture, and from experience, that no matter what life brings; He is ALWAYS faithful! (Ps. 91:4)
God is not worried about our earth-based concerns. Instead, He is at work molding and shaping good outcomes for everyone who loves Him and who are called according to His purpose. (Rom 8:28)
While sin is the ultimate culprit of all that is evil, God is not surprised by anything. He is always busy redeeming the lost, healing the sick, lifting the downtrodden, and setting the captives free. 
Throughout the ages, God's people have faced famine, pestilence, plagues and persecution with a grace that astounded outsiders. This testimonial witness has often drawn others to Christ. My prayer is that our testimony during this time likewise leads others to find hope in our Savior. 
We are also thankful for the wisdom God has granted us in matters of health. His Word about resting and taking care of ourselves is proven through modern medical science. (Mk 6:31, Ex 33:14, Ps 127:2, 1Ti 5:23) Faith and Wisdom work together toward the life that God desires for us. 
Destiny Outreachhas decided to offer our service through Facebook Live and on replay through our online platform. We hope that you will join us in one of these ways.
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Blessings and Health to you all!
Pastor Rodney & Destiny Outreach Leadership
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Pastor Rodney D. Hall
Lead Pastor, Destiny Outreach
Clinton, NC
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