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From setting the atmosphere before service, to making sure transitions flow smoothly and cues are on-time, Media is vital to the operation of our ministry. Often behind the scenes and not noticed, it takes a true servant's heart to carry out this role. If you have a desire to work with us to reach the next level of excellence or if you have a gift for sound or technology, we will be excited to have you join us. One of the perks is having an assigned seat for every service. There are several specific roles within the Media department:


Running live sound is a rewarding endeavor, balancing art and science as you adjust on the fly to make the drum solo sound great, make sure the bumper music fades in at just the right time and the levels are perfect for the altar call. You can be a part of making every service flow perfectly.


Working closely with the audio team member, you run the show. Managing timing, sequence, bumper music, slides and videos you keep transitions flowing smoothly and help keep the congregation engaged and focused.


Including both live video recording and video creation, being part of the Media Team focused on video is always exciting. You can allow your creative side to soar while creating video shorts, loops and slides; or engage your technical finesse as you zoom in close to capture the expression that reinforces a key point.


Your technical skills are a valuable part of the process of preparing audio and video for distribution or internal use. From removing that untimely cough to getting the levels and encoding just right for web publishing, editing is a vital part of the Media Team.


Whether publishing finished audio to the website, or creating CD sets for series, you can play an important role in helping us share the message with the World.

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